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  • 🌱 AI Sprout Issue #6: Unlock the Power of Bardeen AI, Adobe Firefly, and Beautiful AI

🌱 AI Sprout Issue #6: Unlock the Power of Bardeen AI, Adobe Firefly, and Beautiful AI

AI Sprout: Your Comprehensive Weekly Guide to AI Tools - Bardeen AI for Automation, Adobe Firefly for Design, Beautiful AI for Presentations

Greetings! 👋 

Welcome to the newest edition of AI Sprout.

This week, we bring you a blend of innovative AI tools, complete with hands-on reviews and in-depth evaluations:

  • Bardeen AI - A no-code tool that automates your daily workflows.

  • Adobe Firefly - Revolutionizing photo editing with AI-powered Generative Fill.

  • Beautiful.AI - Crafting visually stunning presentations effortlessly.

  • Humata AI - Your go-to tool for AI-powered document management.

  • AI Recipe Generator by MealPractice - Unleash your inner chef with AI.

Let's dig in! 🚜

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with any of the companies whose tools are featured here. All reviews reflect my independent opinion.

Read Time: 6 mins

🤖 AI Tool of the Week

Bardeen AI - Text Your Automation Scenario, and Watch Bardeen AI Bring It to Life 🤖📱

Revolutionize your daily tasks with Bardeen AI, a no-code tool that brings the power of AI to automating your workflows. Let's dive into what makes this tool a game-changer:

  • 📝 Action Item Extraction: Never miss a task again. Bardeen AI pulls action items from your documents and meeting notes for easy tracking.

  • 🌐 Chrome Extension: Implement automation directly from your browser with Bardeen AI's Chrome extension.

  • 🔄 Automation Creator: Automate repetitive tasks without writing a single line of code. Use pre-built automations or create your own.

  • 🤝 App Integration: Seamless integration with popular apps like Notion, Pipedrive, and ClickUp helps you automate in a snap.

  • 🧱 No-Code Builder: Tailor your automation workflows with easy-to-use building blocks.

Use Case: 🎥 Summarize a YouTube video + 📊 Export to a Google Sheet

Powered by OpenAI in the background, Bardeen AI's Chrome extension allows you to effortlessly initiate automations. For instance, if you want to get a summary of a long YouTube video and export that into a Google Spreadsheet, you just need to click on the extension while you’re on the YouTube video and select a built-in playbook to do that.

A GIF showing Bardeen AI’s use case of summarizing a YouTube video to Google Sheet by using OpenAI

Bardeen AI’s Chrome extension summarizes a YouTube video to Google Sheet by using OpenAI

Automation ideas with Bardeen AI

  • 🌐 Website Summarization: Get the gist without the reading hassle. Summarize website content in a flash.

  • Content-Based Question Answering: Need quick answers from documents or articles? Just ask Bardeen AI.

  • 🎨 AI-Generated Image Creation: Spice up your presentations and marketing materials with AI-generated visuals.

  • 🤖 Enhanced Customer Support: Automate customer service with chatbots and virtual assistants that don't just answer queries but offer personalized solutions. Result? Increased customer satisfaction and reduced support costs.

  • 🛠️ Streamlined Workflows: Directly integrate Bardeen AI with tools like Notion, Pipedrive, and ClickUp to automate repetitive workflow tasks. The outcome is a more efficient work process, freeing up your time for more strategic activities.

  • 📋 Automated Task Management: With Bardeen AI, you can automatically create and update tasks in platforms like Asana, ClickUp, and Jira. This eliminates manual entry, reduces errors, and ensures that you never miss a deadline.

  • 🎨 Generative AI for Custom Solutions: Describe your desired workflow, and Bardeen AI, using generative AI technology, will create the custom automations across platforms like Google Sheets and HubSpot. The result is a tailored, efficient automation process that fits your specific needs.


  • Bardeen AI uses credits for its premium actions. A few

    • OpenAI (ChatGPT): 1 request = 1 credit

    • Get table/data/text from image: 1 image = 30 credits

  • 14-day Pro trial with 500 credits, and then switch to free plan (non-premium playbooks)

Unlock the full potential of AI-powered automation with Bardeen AI. It's not just an upgrade, it's a complete workflow transformation. I highly recommend checking out the Use Case section of Bardeen.ai.

🚀 Emerging AI Tools

Adobe Firefly Generative Fill: Crafting Presentations, Powered by AI 🧑‍🎨🎨📸

Unearth a new creative frontier with Adobe Firefly for Generative Fill. Let's explore how this tool is revolutionizing photo editing:

  • 🎨 Text-Prompted Creativity: Type your vision into a text prompt and watch as the AI brings it to life, seamlessly blending with your existing image.

  • 🌟 Seamless Integration: Your AI-generated content will look like a natural part of the original image.

  • 👓 Photorealistic or Surreal: Add real-world objects or abstract elements—you choose.

  • 🖼️ Edge Expansion: Easily expand your image's borders, with the AI filling in the gaps in a matching style.

  • 🔄 Non-Destructive Editing: Change or remove the AI-generated content without altering the original image.

  • 🌐 Browser-Based & Free: In addition to the integration to Photoship (beta), this feature is also accessible through a browser interface and is free to use for now.

🚫 Watermark Alert: Note that generated images come with a watermark stating "Image Not for Commercial Use."

Use Case: Unleashing Adobe Firefly's Generative Fill for Creative Edits

Let’s consider the following nice photo by Pietro De Grandi on Unsplash.

1. Add Clouds ☁️

First on the agenda: sprucing up the sky with some fluffy clouds. Highlight the sky area where you'd like to see clouds drift in, and voila! You're presented with a few AI-generated options to choose from. Pick the one that captures your vision, or simply start over for a fresh look. The result? Absolutely stunning!

GIF showing the process of adding clouds to a photo by Pietro De Grandi using Adobe FireFly.

GIF demonstrating how clouds were added to the original photo using Adobe FireFly for Generative Fill. Original photo by Pietro De Grandi on Unsplash.

Photo by Pietro De Grandi modified via Adobe FireFly to add clouds.

Final result of clouds added using Adobe FireFly for Generative Fill. Original photo by Pietro De Grandi on Unsplash.

2. Remove Boats ⛵

Let's declutter the seascape by removing extra boats from the photo. Highlight the boats you'd like to sail away into oblivion, and just like that, they're gone! You'll get a few AI-crafted images to choose from—select the one that aligns with your artistic vision, or hit the restart button for a new set of options. The end result is a more serene, focused seascape.

GIF showing the process of removing boats from a photo by Pietro De Grandi using Adobe FireFly.

GIF demonstrating the removal of boats, leaving one, from the original photo using Adobe FireFly for Generative Fill. Original photo by Pietro De Grandi on Unsplash.

Photo by Pietro De Grandi modified via Adobe FireFly to remove all but one boat.

Final result of boats removed using Adobe FireFly for Generative Fill, leaving one boat. Original photo by Pietro De Grandi on Unsplash.

Adobe Firefly for generative fill combines Photoshop's meticulous precision with generative AI's quick imagination, but be mindful of the watermark if you're considering commercial use.

Beautiful.AI - Crafting Presentations, Powered by AI 🧑‍🎨🎨

If creating visually stunning slides with minimal effort sounds like a dream, you'll want to keep reading. And if you found last week's tool, Gamma, intriguing, Beautiful.AI offers its own set of unique features to elevate your presentation game. Here's why you should have it on your radar:

  • 🎨 AI-Powered Design: No more fussing over the perfect color scheme or layout. Beautiful.AI's AI engine handles it all, ensuring your slides look sleek and professional.

  • 🔄 Unlimited Presentations: Flexibility is key. Create as many presentations as you'd like for various purposes—no limitations!

  • 📊 Advanced Analytics: Go Pro and unlock insights into engagement, performance, and other metrics that will take your presentation game to the next level.

  • 👥 Collaborative and Shareable: Easily share your work and collaborate in real-time. Ideal for team projects or impressing clients.

  • 🎯 Brand Consistency: Keep your visual identity intact with customizable templates and design elements.

  • 🛠️ Tool Integration: Sync up with your favorite tools like Dropbox and Slack for a smooth workflow.

A GIF showing Beautiful.AI's user interface and AI-powered design features.

Beautiful.AI in Action

Drawbacks and Pricing for Beautiful.AI:

  • ⏳ The setup process can be time-consuming.

  • 🏦 The free trial lasts for 14 days and requires credit card information.

  • 💲 The Pro plan is priced at $12/month (billed annually) or $45/month for a monthly subscription.

  • 🤔 After canceling the free trial, your account downgrades to a Basic plan, but details of the Basic plan are sparse.

  • 🎓 Good news for students: Enjoy a one-year free Pro subscription with a .edu account!

If AI-powered presentation tools are catching your eye, you won't want to miss out on Beautiful.AI. And if you're considering this tool, be sure to also check out Gamma, our previous week's 'AI Tool of the Week.' For more on Gamma, revisit our last issue here.

Humata AI - Elevate Your Document Workflow with AI-Powered Features 📚🚀

Meet Humata AI, your next go-to tool for document management, whether you're in research, law, or education. This productivity powerhouse offers a wealth of features designed to make your life easier. Let's explore:

  • 📖 PDF Information Extraction: Upload PDFs and extract essential information—no more manual sifting.

  • 📑 Page References & Highlighting:  Provide page references and highlight the related section for a given question.

  • 📝 Document Summarization: Condense long papers and textbooks into short, informative summaries.

  • Question Answering: Ask questions about your document and get instant, precise answers with included citations.

    • ♾️❓Unlimited questions, even in the free plan.

  • ✍️ Auto Generation: Create new content based on your existing documents. Perfect for content creators.

  • 🔍 Multi-Document Search: Ask questions and search across multiple documents to find exactly what you need.

  • 📁 File Versatility: Handles various file types, including legal and technical documents. It can handle double-column documents which is common in engineering and science.

GIF showing the Humata AI responds to user questions and

Humata in Action

Plans and Pricing

Humata offers a generous free plan with unlimited questions and answers and parsing up to 60 pages per month. In the Pro plan, you can process unlimited pages (250 pages included + $0.01 per extra page) for a flat fee of $14.99 per month.

Data Security and Privacy

🔒 Humata places a premium on data security and privacy. Document data is not used for model training and is deleted after 30 days. All data is end-to-end encrypted, and payments are processed securely via Stripe.

 ✨ Offbeat App of the Week

Unleash your inner chef with the free AI-powered recipe generator

GIF showing AI Recipe Generator by MealPractice in Action

AI Recipe Generator by MealPractice in action

🔍 Sneak Peek into Next Week!

Next week, we're unveiling a desktop application that's packed with AI-powered features to make you 10x more productive. Whether it's generating deep summaries, correcting your grammar, or even providing you with on-the-go access via a mobile app, this tool promises to be a game-changer. 🤖✨

Stay tuned for an in-depth look at this multi-faceted AI tool that integrates seamlessly into your existing workflow and offers fast processing speeds. You won't want to miss it!

📚 New FREE Course Alert: Automation with ChatGPT 🤖

We're thrilled to announce a FREE 5-Day Email Course: Small Business Automation via ChatGPT. This course is a must-attend for anyone looking to leverage AI.

What you'll get:

  • Hands-on tutorials focusing on key business areas like Customer Service, HR, and Marketing.

  • Actionable insights with real-world use cases.

  • A checklist for best practices in AI prompting.

Whether you're a small business owner, a corporate professional, or an AI aficionado, this course is your gateway to understanding and effectively utilizing ChatGPT.

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That wraps up this week’s cutting-edge AI tools. By subscribing to AI Sprout, you can stay on innovation's edge. Until next time, stay curious!