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  • Gamma, Framer, Type AI, Consensus, ScribbleDiffusion - AI Sprout #5

Gamma, Framer, Type AI, Consensus, ScribbleDiffusion - AI Sprout #5

Our latest AI Sprout newsletter explores new innovations like Gamma for presentations, Framer for web design, Type AI writing assistant, and more!

Greetings! 👋 

Welcome to the newest edition of AI Sprout.

This week we’ll explore Gamma for automated presentation creation along with other innovations like Framer, Type AI, Consensus, and more.

Let's dig in! 🚜

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with any of the companies whose tools are featured here. All reviews reflect my independent opinion.

Read Time: 5 mins

🤖 AI Tool of the Week

Gamma - Your AI Presentation Creator

Generate docs, decks & webpages in seconds

This web-based tool automagically transforms your ideas into visual slides packed with images, charts, and multimedia elements - no manual slide creation is required.

How Gamma's AI Works

Simply describe your presentation topic through natural language prompts. Gamma's AI instantly analyzes your description and creates a polished slideshow based on it from scratch.

You can watch in real-time as the AI generates slides tailored precisely to your narrative. The advanced natural language processing ensures the visuals and text closely align with your prompts.

  • 🚀 Create professional presentations in minutes, not hours

  • ✂️ Eliminates tedious manual slide creation work

  • 🎨 Auto-generated visuals make content compelling

  • 🧠 AI design expertise at your fingertips

Check out the generated presentation:
👉 https://gamma.app/public/The-Science-of-Habit-rwudfvhh4f85c5g 

Key Features:
  • 🤖 AI instantly generates presentations from prompts

  • 🎨 Interactive elements like nested cards and embedded media like GIFs, videos, and more

  • 💻 Accessible via web browser - nothing to install

  • 🖼️ Customizable templates and color palettes

  • 📑 Layout options including standard, widescreen, storyboard

  • 📥 Export presentations as PDFs or PowerPoints

  • 🔗 Share created slide decks

  • 🆓 Has a generous free credits to use!

Elevate your next presentation with Gamma - create beautiful slides instantly with Gamma.

🚀 Emerging AI Tools

Framer - Accelerate Web Design Without Coding 🎨⚡️

Framer is an end-to-end tool that lets everyone design and publish professional websites visually. You don't need a front-end team or a web programming course.

Framer’s intuitive drag-and-drop editor makes creating clean, modern websites easy. Pick from sleek premade templates or customize your own design system.

Designing a sample website using Framer in seconds

Framer in action

Key Features:
  • 🖌️ Visually build sites exactly how you want

  • ⏩ Rapidly iterate designs and publish changes

  • 💻 📱Preview across all devices

  • 🚀 Built-in hosting and content management (CMS)

  • 📥 Import web designs from Figma

  • ⚡ Built-in SEO and performance optimization


I was surprised at how powerful Framer is. It provides desktop, tablet, and mobile views, which is handy. The main thing

Bring your code-free web design visions to life faster with Framer. The drag-and-drop editor makes web design highly accessible.

Type AI - Your AI-Assistant Writer

Writing can feel like an isolating grind. But what if AI could assist? ✍️

That's the idea behind Type AI. This writing companion analyzes your style to offer suggestions that sound like you.

Key Features:
  • ⚡️ Quick draft generation

  • 💬 Contextual writing recommendations

  • ✏️ Paragraph rewrites and expansions

  • 🔢 Ability to add math and code blocks

  • 📥 Export documents as PDF, Word, HTML, and MarkDown

Type AI in action

TypeAI in action

Pricing Plans
  • 🆓 Free plan offers 30 AI comamnds

  • 💵 Unlimited plan is $29 per month (billed monthly) with limited access to GPT-4.

Let Type.AI give your writing superpowers!

Consensus - AI-Powered Evidence-Based Research Search Engine 🧪

Consensus is a search engine that uses AI to find insights in research papers. Unlike a chatbot, Consensus is purpose-built for research. Ask a question and its natural language processing mines thousands of studies to synthesize verified answers.

Key Features
  • 🔎 Fast and reliable search of published research

  • 📈 Scientifically-verified results; no opinions

  • 📖 Condenses conclusions into digestible summaries

  • 🤖 Automates analyzing and cross-checking papers

  • 🔬Mainly focused on science articles

  • 📑 Ability to select study types (Meta analysis, Systematic review, randomized control trial, case report)

  • Provides research quality indicators (study types, journal metrics, etc)

A sample results from Consensus search engine

A sample results (synthesized) generated by Consensus

Pricing Plan:
  • 🆓 Consensus is a free search engine, but its Synthesize usage (GPT-4 summary and consensus meter) is limited to 5 for the free plan.

  • 💵 Premium plan offers unlimited GPT-4 summaries and Consensus meters for $9.99 per month (billed monthly). Consensus offers a 40% discount for students

Consensus saves researchers hours by delivering accurate evidence summaries on any topic with the ability to go to the source, which is essential for any academic research.

 ✨ Offbeat App of the Week

Scribble Diffusion: Turn your sketch into a refined image

A drawing for Scribble Diffusion

Input to Scribble Diffusion

Output of Scribble Diffusion based on the drawing

Output generated by Scribble Diffusion with prompt “a goofy owl smiling”

🔎 This Week's AI Tools at a Glance

AI tools covered in Issue #5

AI tools covered in this week’s newsletter

🔍 Sneak Peek into Next Week!

Tired of repetitive, rote work draining your time? 😴 

Next week, we'll reveal an ingenious new AI tool that promises to automate mundane tasks like scheduling, data entry, email management, and more. 🤖 This hands-free assistant could free up hours normally sunk into drudgery - stay tuned!

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