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Discover the Latest AI Tools for Meetings, Writing, and YouTube

Issue #4 - Otter.ai, Compose.ai, NoteGPT

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We've got a fresh crop of AI innovations to harvest in this week's edition of AI Sprout. From meeting transcription to writing enhancement, these tools aim to help you work smarter.

Let's dig in! 🚜

Disclaimer: None of the tools featured in this edition are affiliated with or sponsored by AI Sprout in any way. All opinions and recommendations are purely editorial.

Read Time: 4 mins

🤖 AI Tool of the Week

📝 Otter AI: Your AI-Powered Meeting Transcriber

Tired of manual note-taking in meetings? Meet Otter.ai, the AI-powered software that provides automated transcripts of your audio and video conferences.

Otter AI offers:

  • 🎙️ Accurate real-time transcription powered by AI

  • 📝 Collaborative notes with commenting

  • 🔍 Searchable, editable transcripts

  • 🤝 Speaker identification for multi-person meetings

  • ⏱️ Timestamps to easily find key moments

  • ✍️ Automatic generation of the call summary

  • 💸 A generous free plan of 300 monthly minutes (maximum of 30 minutes per meeting)

By integrating with platforms like Google Meet, Zoom, Otter eliminates the need for manual notetaking. Its natural language processing detects words with precision to generate an automated record of your meetings.

Check out the dashboard.

Otter.ai dashboard

Otter.ai Dashboard

Key Benefits:

  • Saves time by automating transcription

  • Enables accurate recall by searching transcripts

  • Allows collaborative annotation of meetings

  • Integrates with popular video platforms

  • imports or records any audio or video content

  • Ability to highlight and annotate

Sample call details on Otter AI dashboard

A sample call details on Otter AI dashboard

Give your meeting notes a major upgrade with Otter.ai's AI assistant! Sign up now at otter.ai

🚀 Emerging AI Tools

✒️ Compose AI: Elevate Your Writing with AI Assistance

Compose AI is a writing assistant that uses AI to automate parts of the writing process.

Key features:

  • 🧠 AI autocompletion of sentences

  • 📝 Rewriting assistance to refine tone/style

  • ✍️ Collaborative docs with team members

  • 💬 Contextual suggestions based on platform

See Compose AI in action

See Compose AI in action

Pricing Plans:

  • 🆓 Free Trial Basic Plan: Compose AI offers a free trial with 1000 words per month.

  • 📝 Quick Consumption: You may run out of the free credit quickly if you’re writing a long email. More than 600 words were used in a matter of seconds in the above example.

  • 💸 Premium Plans: The premium plan offers 15k words per month. You may run out of AI-generated text quickly if you use it for all your email writing. For unlimited usage, you have the option to subscribe to the ultimate plan for $44.99 per month, which I find expensive.

  • 🎉 Good News: The AI autocomplete feature is unlimited (check this feature in action below)!

Autocomplete feature of Compose AI

Autocomplete feature of Compose AI

🎥 NoteGPT: Summarize YouTube Videos in a Snap

Get AI-generated text and video summaries with the NoteGPT Chrome extension!

  • 📺 Summarizes YouTube videos via text or audio

  • 📄 Creates summaries of web articles

  • ✍️ Take screenshots and notes while watching videos

For summarizing a video, you have two options:

  • Summarize using ChatGPT web app

    • You need to be logged in to ChatGPT (free plan works too).

  • Summarize using OpenAI key (you will be charged by OpenAI)

Issue 04 - Summary window of NoteGPT.io

Summary Window of NoteGPT YouTube

Keep in mind that although the extension is currently free, it may not be so in the future, based on the NoteGPT’s developer note as can be seen below.

NoteGPT may not be free in future baed on this developer's note

Is this YouTube Summary by NoteGPT extension free?

  Offbeat App of the Week

🔥 6figr: Let AI Roast Your Career Choices

If you want your career to be roasted in different personas (Elon Musk, The Rock, etc.), you can paste your LinkedIn URL.

Check mine out below: Ouch 🤕😂!

Screenshot of being roasted by 6figr

Screenshot of being roasted in Elon Musk’s style

🔎 This Week's AI Tools at a Glance

Issue #4 - AI tools covered in this week

AI tools covered in this week’s newsletter

🔎 Sneak Peek into Next Week!

Next week, we'll unveil an AI-powered tool that's redefining the way we create and engage with presentations🎨. Whether you're a professional designer, a business leader, or simply someone looking to captivate an audience, this innovative💡AI presentation tool promises to be a game-changer for visual communication.

Curious to know what it is? Stay tuned! 🤔

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That's a wrap for this week's AI Sprout. I hope you discovered something new today! Stay curious, and see you next week for more AI innovations! 🌟