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Claude AI and More - Our Review of This New Chatbot Plus Other Emerging AI

Our inaugural issue featuring the top emerging AI tools you need to know

Hey readers! 👋

Welcome to the very first edition of the AI Sprout newsletter! 🎉 I'm so excited to have you along for the journey into the world of artificial intelligence. 🤖

In today's issue, we'll talk about Claude AI, a new AI chatbot that has been getting a lot of attention. We'll also talk about a few new AI tools you should keep an eye on. Let's jump in!

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Let's dig in!

Disclaimer: None of the tools featured in this edition are affiliated with or sponsored by AI Sprout in any way. All opinions and recommendations are purely editorial.

Read Time: 3 mins

 📰 Breaking News: LLaMA 2 release

Meta just put out the LLaMA 2 model. The most significant aspect about putting this model out there is that anyone can use it for free, even for business purposes. (Check out the story in MIT Technology Review to learn more.)

🤖 AI Tool of the Week: Claude AI 

ChatGPT's competitor, Claude, is a next-generation AI assistant that can handle a wide range of chat and text-processing jobs and is best known for having a very long context window (memory). Claude AI's 100k token context window (about 75k words), which is enough "memory" to hold a book, is very helpful when working with big documents.

Claude AI is free (at least for the time being) for personal use, but it also offers enterprise solutions and integrates with a variety of software applications, such as Slack.

An intriguing fact is that the siblings who created Anthropic, the firm behind Claude AI, both used to work for OpenAI, a competitor of Anthropic's.

How do Claude AI and ChatGPT differ?

Claude AI has a much bigger context window than ChatGPT (both GPT-3.5 and GPT-4). Up to 8,192 tokens can be used with ChatGPT Plus (GPT-4). Keep in mind that OpenAI has a version that can handle 32K tokens, but ChatGPT doesn't use it. This is a lot less than the 100k tokens that Claude AI can handle. Claude AI is only available in the US and UK right now, but unlike ChatGPT, it lets you browse with a VPN!

Conversational AI

An important difference between Claude AI and many other LLM models including OpenAI’s GPT models, is that Anthropic trained Claude using a technique called "Constitutional AI," which was created by researchers at Anthropic. The goal of this technique is to create AI systems that are aligned with human values and goals from the start (it can learn and improve without human feedback). Anthropic drew inspiration for Claude's constitution from the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, trust and safety best practices, and the principles proposed by other research laboratories.

🚀 Emerging AI Tools

Lingostar.ai is an AI tool that helps people learning English, Spanish, or French practice live conversations in those languages. You can become comfortable talking to real people without worrying about looking foolish. Lingostar analyzes chats for progress monitoring and instantaneous feedback for language students. In addition to helpful graphs and charts, it provides users with flashcards.

Key points

  • Free to use.

  • You can choose your level from basic to advanced.

  • Having the option to export your chat.

Here is a picture of what it looks like to talk to Lingostar AI. I chose to text instead of talk here. As you can see, I made a grammar mistake.

Screenshot of a conversation with longstar.AI

A sample conversation with Lingostar AI

Not only does Lingostar point out the mistake, but it also adds a flashcard to the study guide so that you can practice it more.

A flashcard automatcially generated by Lingostar.AI for th grammar mistake I made

A flashcard automatically generated for the grammar error made during the conversation.

You can create a landing page in a few seconds with MakeLanding by first describing the project and then letting the AI generate the landing page. You will then be able to upload images of your company and modify buttons.

Here, you can view a landing page created using this tool.

A sample landing page created by MakeLanding.AI

Source: MakeLanding.ai

 ✨ Offbeat App of the Week

Turn text into memes using the SuperMeme AI Meme Generator.

A meme of an excited kid

A sample meme generated with prompt “Excited after reading this newsletter” and edited directly on Supermeme.ai

🔎 This Week's AI Tools at a Glance

A table of AI tools mentioned in this newsletter issue

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That wraps up our very first issue of AI Sprout! 🎉 

Let me know what types of AI tools or topics you want to see covered in future newsletters. I look forward to continuing to explore the AI landscape together. Until next week!✌️